“The neck of my Martin acoustic guitar had partially separated from the body. Within a couple of days after leaving it with Greg he had repaired the neck and readjusted the action so that that it plays better than when it was new. Faster, better sound, beautiful!” -Charles Purvis, Portland, Or.

“Thanks for doing such a great job refretting my Lowden! It sounds and feels better than ever.” -Joe Marquand, instructor and professional guitarist, Portland, Or.

My Approach:

Repairs are often as unique and complex as the musicians who need them; I specialize in custom repairs that optimize your instrument to respond and hold up to your singular playing style. The thousands of instruments I’ve gotten my hands on over my 16 years of professionally lutherie-building & repairing -have taught me to approach every project methodically, intentionally, personally, and with the utmost attention to detail. My clients appreciate that I take time to learn their playing style and understand how they attack the strings, discuss each repair in advance, and ultimately restore and improve the instrument to surpass their expectations.


NOTE: I am currently not taking on any new repair clients in order to focus on my building.

To schedule an appointment please email me. Once scheduled, I can guarantee turn-around within several days to one week. I appreciate you being prompt to your scheduled appointment and promise to do the same — your timeliness supports me in devoting my full attention to the builds, repairs and restorations in my care. As soon as the work is complete, I’ll contact you to set up a time to reunite you with your treasured instrument.


A proper setup is really where the magic lies in bringing out the most potential of a stringed instrument. Improper adjustment will impede even the most seasoned player on the most amazing guitar. A good setup will vary slightly from player to player and style to style – and these subtleties are an important contribution to the sound of a particular style of playing. During a setup I will adjust neck relief, adjust nut slots/action, adjust action at saddle, intonate, clean and oil fingerboard, restring, polish instrument.

  • Acoustic: $55 + strings
  • Electric with hardtail or tune o’matic style bridge: $60 + strings
  • Electric with trem: $65 + strings
  • Electric with Floyd Rose: $95 + strings
  • Partial setup where only nut or saddle(s) needs to be adjusted: $40 + strings
  • Truss rod adjustment only: $25

Nut/Saddle & Upgrades:

Beyond a great setup, the best way to optimize the sound and tuning potential of your instrument is to upgrade nuts, saddles, and tuning gears.

  • Bone nut: $70
  • Bone saddle compensated for intonation: $60
  • Swap tuners and restring – direct drop in: $40 + parts
  • Swap tuners and restring – enlarge tuner holes: $55 + parts
  • Plug/redrill stripped strap button, neck mounting screw, or pickup mounting screw: $20 + part


Overly worn, loose, or high frets cause sonic and playability problems that affect your practicing, recording, and performing. Each full fret job includes a setup to your playing style to ensure maximum playability. It is strongly encouraged to have a new nut made along with a refret because the new frets will be slightly taller and you will most likely run into buzzing at the first fret with the original nut. Standard practice is to shim the nut higher as part of the setup when necessary if a new nut is not in the budget.

  • Level, crown, and polish 1 fret. $20
  • Mill, crown and polish upper frets on boards that are diving into the body thus fretting out in the upper positions. $150
  • Level, crown, polish all frets: $185
  • Glue loose frets and level crown polish is case by case: $20-$250
  • Smooth sharp fret edges: $65
  • Convert to fretless-dark subtle fret position markers on rosewood fingerboards: $225
  • Convert to fretless with Maple veneer fret markers: $300
  • Refret unbound fingerboard: $385
  • Refret bound Fingerboard: $425

Neck reset:

Sometimes in the life of a guitar tensions, forces, and nature take toll and the normal means of adjustment aren’t enough to render the guitar playable. In this case the neck must be carefully removed from the body and the angle of attachment re-set. The alignment, pitch and fit of the neck upon re-attachment is critical to bringing the instrument back to life. There are a few things to consider once the neck is reattached at the proper angle: I highly recommended a re-fret or a fret mill depending on the current state of the frets so that any inconsistencies in the fingerboard/frets can be taken care of to optimise the playability. It also may be necessary to make a new taller nut and/or saddle.

  • Martin style dovetail joints: $400
  • Gibson style: $500
  • Bolt on neck: $125-$250

Bridge re-glue/cracks/loose braces:

Bridge placement and full contact with the top are crucial to the structural stability, sound production, and intonation of your instrument. Cracks can be caused by impact or by very low humidity conditions where the wood dries out and shrinks. Effects of temperature and humidity will most often reveal themselves in places of tension, such as the glue joint where the bridge meets the top. It’s critical to remove tension at the first sign of separation: tune down the strings and have it repaired immediately. The sooner a crack is repaired the more even and seamless the repair will be.

  • Steel string bridge reglue: $100
  • Classical bridge reglue: $125
  • Top/back/side crack repair: $45- ? (depending on length, location, accessibility of crack)
  • Loose brace reglue.: $25 – $75 (depending on location, accessibility)
  • Glue cracked headstock to stabilize: $50 (often this is all that is needed to completely stabilize the break)
  • Graft reinforcement on headstock break to match, shape to original, stain to match, oil or shellac finish: $275 (this includes the initial crack glue-up cost)


From simple component replacement to full on re-wiring.

  • Replace jack: $15 +part
  • Replace 1 pot: $35 + part (depending on accessibility)
  • Replace additional pots: $15 each + parts
  • Swap Pickup: $35-$55 (depends on access to pickup mounting and switch/pot that it is wired to)
  • Replace switch: $35-55 + part
  • Custom electronics modifications/troubleshooting: $65/ hr
  • Archtop instruments and instruments where electronic work is performed through an f-hole or thru a pickup cavity is case by case.

Acoustic Pickup Installation:

Guitars, violins, ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, ….. Piezo, transducer, magnetic, and microphone. I’ve installed thousands over the years. They all have their own tricks and quirks to insure proper function and to realize their maximum potential and proper balance. I install, wire if necessary, play and listen to the tone and balance, and adjust to maximize potential.

  • Piezo under saddle: $65
  • Bridge plate transducer – K&K: $55
  • Duet system with bridge plate mic/transducer and under saddle: $75
  • Magnetic sound hole wired to an endpin jack: $55 + parts

Modifications/Custom/Restoration work:

Need that 1890’s style 2 1/2 Martin restored? Want your electric guitar routed to accept the humbucker you always wanted in the bridge position? Perhaps you love the sound of your guitar but the neck has just always felt too big and squared off – I can carve it down to your favorite profile. Or, maybe you have an idea for an inlay that you want on the headstock of your guitar. Between my building and repair experience I’ve pretty much seen it all. Tell me your idea and I can make it a reality!

  • Custom work: $125/hr
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