Cumulatively I’ve had the fortune to help build, repair, and play thousands of great vintage and handmade guitars that have inspired my direction in building. I’m drawn to rich, responsive, dynamic musical instruments: instruments that use only the finest materials; whose every detail houses intention; instruments that play and sound amazing. I seek out unique wood that tells its own story and source the most sustainably harvested and salvaged tonewood available for its figure and resonant qualities.

I started as a Luthier in 2000 where I spent three years in the finish department at Santa Cruz Guitar Company. From there, I graduated to the guitar mecca – Sylvan Music – repairing all aspects of stringed instruments with my mentor Al Markasky for 11 years. In 2014, I set up shop in Portland, Oregon, where I continue my passionate devotion to the handmade guitar tradition learned from the many talented luthiers and woodworkers I have worked alongside over the years.

The most important thing to me when I’m building a custom guitar is to get to know my customer’s story. What kind of music do you play or want to play? What is it you like about certain tones? How do you attack the strings with your fingers or plectrum? How big are your hands and body? What looks and feels good to you? What do you want out of your next guitar? These are the details that intrigue me and help me create an instrument that will speak in your voice and come alive in your hands.

Greg Weber, Luthier

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